20X25M Double Decker Tent Project

In 2017, the Ultra music festival sponsored by Mercedes-Benz was held in Singapore as scheduled.

How to make a new product impress the guests at the event? Choosing a good venue is the key . Different from traditional architectures, the organizer build a 20X25m double decker car exhibition tent directly on the green grass to create a perfect atmosphere connection indoor and outdoor to improve the charming of the whole music festival. 

The double-layer design makes sure the 200% of the area is be extremely used.The tent canopy cantilevered side has increased the banner advertising space to provide customers with a better flat advertising design platform; Meanwhile, the double decker tent is with optional choice of indoor or outdoor aluminum alloy stairs.  
In order to warranty enough presentation space for the new cars, the large and spacious car show tent hall on the first floor, can accommodate 800 people at once without pressure. The second floor is used as a leisure and entertainment area, equipped with customized tent air conditioning, wooden floors, glass doors, tables and chairs, lights, Various accessories and facilities, such as audio etc.. Allow guests to enjoy the performances of the Ultra Music Festival, while supporting hundreds of people safely to dance on the second floor, bringing a visual and auditory feast for everyone at present.

The double-storey tent has won the favor of customers at home and abroad for its unique and beautiful appearance and high quality as always.