International Extreme Sailing Series Singapore

International extreme sailing series singapore
The second leg of the International Extreme Sailing Series, hosted by the International Sailing Federation, took place in Singapore from April 11th to 14th. Founded in 2007, the International Extreme Sailing Series is a venue tour and team competition, and is listed as one of the four special events of the International Sailing Federation with the Volvo Ocean Race, the America's Cup Regatta and the World Sailing Contest.

The International Extreme Sailing Series consists of eight races: Muscat, Oman, Singapore, Qingdao, China, Istanbul, Turkey, Porto, Portugal, Cardiff, UK, Nice, France, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We provided an indoor viewing area with a classic A frame tent of 15x30m for this event. The side near the viewing area is covered with high-definition transparent glass walls to give the audience a wide field of vision. The smallpox decoration, elegant and fashionable, was praised by the organizers, which add a beautiful scenery to this activity.、