Outdoor tent | The style of the tent.

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Tents are designed for different purposes and have different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, the common tents are roughly divided into five styles.
1. Triangle tent: the front and back use herringbone iron tube as the support, the middle frame is connected by a cross bar, supporting the inner tent and installing the outer tent.outdoor tent. This is the most common tent style in the early days.
2. Dome shaped tent: double pole cross support, easy to assemble and disassemble, is the most popular in the market.
3. Hexagonal tent: three or four poles are used for cross support, and some adopt six pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent. It is a common style of "mountain type" tent.
4. Boat bottom shaped tent: it is like a boat that is buckled back after being propped up. It can be divided into two poles and three poles. Generally, the bedroom is in the middle and the hall shed is at the two ends. In the design, it pays attention to the windproof streamline, which is also one of the common tent styles.
5. Ridge shaped tent: it is shaped like an independent small tile house, supported by four columns at four corners, on which a ridge shaped structural roof is erected. This kind of tent is generally tall and bulky, which is suitable for drivers or phase
It is used for fixed field operation and camping, so it is called vehicle tent.