Romantic protective room

Dome Quarantine restaurant room is valid both indoor and outdoor, 100% water-proof, wind-load 80km/h.

Frame: galvanized pipes. Service life can be up to 10 years.
Fabric: white PVC or Transparent PVC, 0.75mm thickness for option

  1. Stronger structure than other quarantine dining room. Wind load reach 80km/h.
  2. The dome shape is not easy to accumulate the rain and leaves.
  3. This dome tent has two screen windows and one simple rolling door. The windows are good at air circulation, and the transparent PVC cover make the dining customers in the room to have unrestricted views and a better dining mood.
  4. The interior of tent can be equipped with floors, tables, chairs, lighting, etc., and it create a romantic and pleasant dining environment.
  5. It not only implements the isolation policy, but also get a fresh dining experience, what a double benefit! This design makes people to be properly relaxed in the stressful environment, it is a simple and convenient thing for people to eat out at ease, so that they don't have to worry about the complex infection of people in public places.