What is the difference between double decker tents and single deck tents?

1. Different production process:

The manufacturing process of single-layer tents is relatively simple;

Double decker tents are based on the single-layer tent design by adding a layer of inner tent with better air permeability. The outer tent is waterproof and windproof, while the inner tent is breathable; because the heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent and condense on the outer tent. On the inner wall, so you can follow the inner wall of the outer tent and slide down to the gap between the outer tent and the inner tent, without getting the sleeping bag wet.

2. Different volume operations:

Single-layer tents are light weight, small in size, small in footprint, and easier to set up, while double decker tents are larger in size, and take up more space when folded and occupy a larger area, so the construction is more complicated;

3. Different use environment:

Single-layer tents are generally suitable for summer camping activities such as park leisure and beach leisure. Generally, they will not spend the night outdoors and the price is relatively cheap. Because of their light weight, they are also used for snow mountain climbing, but generally require high-tech Functional fabrics and accessories are more expensive. Double decker tents have a wider range of uses, because they have a double-layer structure, and the price is relatively high.

The advantages of single layer are light weight, economy, small size, and relatively simple manufacturing process. The double-layer is different from the single-layer by adding a layer of inner tent with better air permeability in the design, which mainly solves the contradiction of the inner wall of the single-layer tent with water.